Wyn: The Söl'ring word for wind best describes our latest project. A breath of fresh air was breathed into the former BASF hotel "Haus Westerland" by Arcona and is now called "Wyn. Beach Hotel Sylt".

With Marco Schramm as project manager, the GH Hotel Interior Group designed the complete interior of the public area. But the GH-Wynd also blows in the rooms: The striking armchairs can be found in various versions in a total of 73 rooms. In addition, a spa area is currently being built, where GH is also responsible for the interior fittings.

Die Außenansicht des Strandhotels Wyn von Arcona auf Sylt.The basic idea of the hotel was the word "Wyn": The hotel should reflect the Sylt ambience, which is popular with young and old alike. It is only a few meters to the beach, where the Wynd gives a good gas. This also applies to the numerous surfers who can let off steam on the East Frisian island. Arcona and the WGK Planungsgesellschaft, which is responsible for the interior design, are taking over the surfing atmosphere in their house. Natural woods let the guests indulge in memories of the driftwood on the beach.

Das Wohnzimmer im Strandhotel Wyn von Arcona auf Sylt.The living room in the Strandhotel Wyn of Arcona on Sylt. The public area is characterized by a living room furnishing: In small seating groups with quiet colors, but leaning against the sea and the beach, invite you to linger and rest. The Wynd and surfing finally make you tired. The Windsurf World Cup Sylt takes place at the Brandenburg beach in front of the front door, which attracts surfers in droves to the island. The professional surfer has to allow himself a break in the comfortable wooden rocking chair. Project manager Marco Schramm is enthusiastic about the project result: "The hotel really fits perfectly into the Sylt feeling. The island is reflected in all its wonderful aspects in the house."