Creating a home in small spaces

Serviced Apartments, Micro Living, XS-Apartments – many names, but only one concept: Temporary living is appreciated by business men and students alike. They are the most wanted properties and investors seize at the best places – be it as part of hotels or as apartments.

Skizze eines Serviced Apartments

„In most hotel rooms there isn’t enough space to live and work“, Larsen Gels says as project manager at GH Hotel Interior Group. As realisation specialist in the hospitality industry the company is known for its versatility in project processing. The different service levels enable to face the needs of clients in every possible way: GH Hotel Interior Group unites the whole process from consulting and task management to production and fitting. “When we are ready, only the guests are missing”, Johannes Hegger, CEO, is enthusiastic.

“We can build a home within the smallest places”, Larsen Gels assures. Central elements in those apartments are living, relaxing and working. The guest himself decides whether he joins the breakfast in the hotel or cater for himself. The great workspace enables the guest to work within the apartment. “In a well-equipped apartment I could easily imagine to host a business meeting”, Larsen Gels describes the variety of these roomings.

The “Apartment Base 4.0” exhibition in Unna gives interested companies the chance to experience the world of micro living and see what qualities GH Hotel Interior Group can guarantee. If you are looking for a partner in realising a project, you can arrange a date with Winfried Boesing from GH Hotel Interior Group (+49 591 966455-90).